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Friday, April 22, 2011

Uprising Clans? - Part 2.

Here is the view of a Domination Clan General, Lil2Mario of the Vaktovian Empire.
Do you think Domination groups over power Peace Keeping Groups (as at the moment Peace Keeping Clans have higher numbers)?
You know, I definitely think that domination groups have a chance, while there are more peace keepers that out way the dominations, I think the rules aren't black and white, peace keeping groups are subjective and hypocritically, If they really were peace keeping they wouldn't fight, atleast domination groups tell you what they really want to do, so they aren't afraid to do whatever it takes.

Domination groups have the right to declare war on anyone and everyone. Do you think it's a good a idea to be able to do this, as it can raise hate level of the group as well as fear?

It depends on the group, it's a case by case thing, and FEAR's hate level is based on jealousy, however most of it's leaders are unlike because they are greedy C&Gers, who use the unsuspecting members to keep their wallets full, winning or dominating isn't important
Do you think eventually Domination Clans will over take Peace Keeping Clans?
At this rate, Yes. However so many kids of this "good guy mentallity, so I think there will always be a balance.

The majority of Peace Keeping clans rely on numbers in strength. Most Domination clans have trained elite soldiers.
If there were to be a war between PK Clans and Domination Clans, who do you think would win?
As I have said, there is no value in untrained soldiers, the numbers aren't a factor, because of server size, clan warfare all depends on psychological warfare, trained soldiers usually don't cry or post on the wall for help, making the other groups appear weak, also, they don't need to TK to break into bases, or just run around shooting, suppression is the quickest way to win in a group war, all about destroying moral.

Thanks to Lil2Mario.