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Monday, April 25, 2011

Roblox Review: ☣Zombie Defence 4☣

You know, those things that you think only want to hug you but in reality wish to devour your brains? No, not Santa Claus, I'm talking about zombies. Zombies, the most second most overused monster on ROBLOX, (Second only to Jason) There are a lot of zombie games out there. There's rarely a day when zombie games haven't been on the front pages of ROBLOX games. Some are awful games and others are well done. ☣Zombie Defence 4☣ is a good zombie game that has a few flaws but if polished could go a bit higher up on the zombie food chain.

Gameplay 8/10
One of the first things I noticed about this game was the fact that it had music. I'm a big fan of music and this was some good music. I sometimes wonder why most games don't have music. Anyway, you spawn in a fortress area with a big green button next to a door. Naturally, I pressed the button and took a look outside. There were around 10-15 zombies all coming straight for my head. I managed to run outside but was obliterated in seconds. Apparently the zombies were one hit kills. I messed around with my pistol and realized that it was a one hit kill as well. Anyway, when you get outside there isn't really anything to do other than shoot zombies. I suppose that's the point of all zombie games but there isn't anything to explore. No hidden weapons. There's no cover to hide in to shoot zombies. The map is incredibly puny and if you stay in the fortress you can survive but if you go outside you die. It's as simple as that. Also, when after my traumatic experience with the zombies I respawned and realized that the zombies had gotten inside the base and were now spawnkilling me. This went on for a while and I realized it wouldn't stop so I left the game. That's one of the biggest problems with zombie games.

Effort 7/10
The first thing I noticed about this game was the picture he had on the front. If you click the above link and look at the thumbnail you can see that it's pretty snazzy. There are a lot of buildings around the area. Judging from the creator none of them are free models. The models are very well built and I enjoyed looking at them. However the rest of the area was rather bland. There wasn't much cover to hide from zombies if you went outside. The ground was flat and boring. Basically if you wanted to go to the other side of the map you had to make a mad dash across a field full of zombies. Also, seeing as the zombies are pretty much one hit kills it's almost impossible to survive. It looks like the creator spent a good amount of time on this place but there are still some things to patch up

Creativity 6/10
You all know that there are tons of zombie games on roblox. Some of them are awful. Some of them make you wonder whether the people who got it to the front page have some kind of problem or something. There's no getting around the fact that zombie games have become overused. You need to do something different to make yours way cooler than the others. This map has a few interesting parts to it but not that many. I like how going to McDonalds and eating their food replenishes your health but you can't get by and just that. You need something unique that no one else has thought of.
Final Verdict 7/10


  • Fix one hit kill zombies, experiment a bit and find a number that works.
  • Fix Spawnkilling zombies. Put the spawn up high or something
  • Add some hidden weapons to the game to make it more interesting
  • Bigger map
  • More cover
  • Make the fortress look cooler
  • Make different types of zombies?
  • Give me a cookie
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