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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Roblox Review ★Who killed Telamon? ™ *Obby*★

Some themes are ridiculously overused. The "Who killed _____ " obstacle courses have been used way too many times. There are a few good ones but most are just the same exact thing over and over again. ThatGreyMan's obstacle course was a bit different from the others but it could use some improvement.

Effort 7/10
This game is different from the others for a few different reasons. The creator bothered to C-frame some levels which I imagine took awhile. However, most of them were normal everyday 'jump over the brick' levels. The creator did a few things to add a personal touch but lacked much effort at all on the tree level. Simply placing Green slabs of grass on the tree which magically held themselves up. The final level though used quite a few C-framed bricks and placed them in areas that could only be jumped on if you went in the right path. All in all he used a few C-frames but most of the other stuff was a bit bland. It could use some more decoration of some kind. Perhaps a different kind of skybox?

As I said in the introduction the "Who Killed" genre of obstacle courses has been brutally overused. However, the creator has done a few things to it that make it stand out a bit. The creator added a downhill lava ramp, something I have not seen much of in obstacle courses, it was a shame that I skipped it (see gameplay) Afterwards the creator made a "leap of faith" level that did something interesting that I had not seen many obstacle courses do. Most of the other levels were bland everyday things. I suggest adding something new and different that other people haven't done a million times.

The game starts out like so many others, the player spawns right next to a rather bloody spectacle of Telamon lying on the ground. Why gruesome models like this are allowed to exist I have no idea. When I first came I was impressed that the creator had bothered to C-frame the beginning trial "Hmm." I wondered. "Maybe this place isn't so bad after all" I quickly went through the beginning lava hop and jumping on pillars and such when I came to yet another C-framed area. A down-hill ramp with lava placed periodically. The creator made the simple mistake of assuming that torsos cannot activate a spawn point. When I received a sufficient amount of 3rd degree burns on my body to kill me instantly my torso managed to fall down the lava ramp and hit the spawn point and allowing me to skip that level entirely. After that there was a running thing where if you did not stop running you would fall and die. I haven't seen many of those and it wasn't a billion miles long so I won't complain. After that there was a climb a tree level which we've probably all seen plenty of. Then you had to jump off the top of a tree onto a platform that teleported you to the next and final level. In the final level you had to jump from block to block perfectly or you would fall to your death. There was one path that would lead you straight to it and the others all ended in dead ends. After that you find out who did it and you get free tools that you receive in every other game. My advice? Put something different in the winners section. A hat stealer, gear the doesn't kill people but that would annoy them sufficiently. Something to pass the time. Also, add more levels, the entire map lasted around 10 minutes before I beat it. Make it more challenging and more fun.
★Who killed Telamon? ™ *Obby*★ receives a 7/10
  • Add more levels
  • Make levels more challenging
  • On lava ramp level make sure players can't cheat
  • On choose a path level make the wrong paths kill bricks
  • Make levels more creative and different
  • Add more winner's items

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