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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ROBLOX News Building Contest: Party Place!

Hey guys!

We are launching a new building contest! To celebrate us reaching 1k Pageviews a day we want you guys to make a party place! It can be whatever you wish as long as it is party themed and includes cookies. A nice and simple contest, now go bake some cookies and maybe some cake! The winning place will be of course featured but also used as ROBLOX News' official party place for hundreds of users! There will also be an entry prize which will be be emailed to you when you enter!

To enter, simply:

1) Create a Party place on ROBLOX.

2) Email the link to the place and some screenshots of you in it to AND
(Titled '1K Party') - make sure you leave your ROBLOX Username!

3) We will look at your entry and most probably visit them, then judge the winners!

This idea came from SirChickenNugget.