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Thursday, April 28, 2011

ROBLOX News Blog Survey Results!

34 People completed our survey I would like to say a huge thanks to all the people that participated.

Here are the results:

Q1. How often do you on the ROBLOX News Blog?

Daily: 85.7% - 30 People.

Weekly: 8.6% - 3 People.

Monthly: 2.9% -1 Person.

Yearly: 8.6% - 3 People.

Q2. Do you like the ROBLOX News Blog?

Yes: 97.1% - 34 People.

No: 5.7% - 2 People.

Q3. What would you change about the ROBLOX News Blog?

Most people said 'Nothing'. But some people asked for a Forum, which is being developed.

Q4. What do you like about the ROBLOX News Blog?

Most people said 'Everything'.

Q5. Why do you visit the ROBLOX News Blog?

A majority of people said 'Because I like to see new interesting things about ROBLOX'.

Yet again, we thank you for participating in our survey.

-SirChickenNugget and the RN Staff.


  1. Who is 'Developing' the Forums?

    I already gave the idea long ago when we worked on the rn sub site... Nothing I give gets accepted? :'(

  2. The person that is developing the Forums is probably the HTML Engineer.

  3. No, Zombie has done nothing... I already made one.

  4. May I be someone that helps test stuff that might go in the ROBLOX news?


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