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Friday, April 22, 2011

RN Mobile App Icon Contest! Winners!

Winners Announced!
The Winners of the 2011 RN Mobile App Contest have been decided! It was a tough decision for the staff to make, but after the process of elimination, I am proud to announce the top 4 icons!

1st Place: IBarrageI
2nd Place: Xuber
3rd Place: NARHAR
4th Place: Flingi2
There were so many great entries, I am sorry if yours wasn't picked, they were all good!

Now for the prizes!

1st Place will receive their icon being used, and one free (Paid) app of their choice from "Double Trouble Studio".

2nd Place will also receive one free (Paid) app of their choice from "Double Trouble Studio".

3rd and 4th place are honorable mentions and sadly receive no prize.

Thank you all who entered!


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