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Monday, March 28, 2011

Roblox on A Mac?


Yes, I know what your thinking… no one ever thought this was going to happen! But ROBLOX has really been stepping up the pace. In 4 years they have gone from a small community to over 1.4 million users! But there are only so many Windows users out there, and when expanding their range to the mac platform, they increased their chance of growth. More players mean more fun games and money to fund ROBLOX to hire staff to keep creating cool new features.

Although so many users demanded this step, it will take a while to get it up to the same standards as on a windows computer. The ROBLOX staff had to recompile their code to a whole new language, Objective-C. Mater of fact, that’s what I wrote my ROBLOX iPod applications in.

See a preview of this Mac version in the screenshot below. I am in one or arbirator’s places. Most of the features and appearance is the same, but there are some differences like the black chat bar and mac window. Some features are also still limited, like no screen videos and no edit mode.

Above is a screenshot of playing ROBLOX on a Mac.

The ROBLOX Icon still looks the same in the Mac dock. (Below)

Be sure to check out my ROBLOX Applications in the Apple App Store (iTunes). All you have to do is search “ROBLOX” or “Double Trouble Studio”.



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