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Monday, March 14, 2011

ROBLOX: Make a wish!

Fourteen-year-old Seth Deesub became a millionaire Thursday, although the funds did come with one restriction — they can only be used in the virtual world of ROBLOX.

Having 1 million Robux, the virtual currency used in ROBLOX, makes the teen the richest player in the history of the virtual game created by the San Mateo company of the same name. Deesub, from Lawndale, Calif., had the chance to not only become a millionaire but meet those who put together the game he enjoys as part of a wish recently granted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which grants wishes for children with life-threatening medical conditions.

Deesub spends lots of time in the hospital, said his father Dusdee who goes by Luke.

“He’s not usually talkative,” his mom, Suree Deesub, added.

But that was not the case Thursday.

Deesub spent four hours at the San Mateo business as an honorary staff member learning the ins and outs of the game, getting a sneak peak of unreleased features and helping design a hooded hat, called dominus frigidus, which will be sold in the world.

“Can I buy it first?” an eager Deesub asked his partner in design, Market Manager Christina McGrath, who promised to let him know before it was released for sale.

Deesub plays ROBLOX often. The online kids gaming site allows players to be the architects of their own world. Players can build social hangouts, invite others to party, talk online and purchase items — which is where the Robux comes in handy.

Before Thursday, Deesub had about 600 Robux. When he returns home this weekend, Deesub can start a shopping spree.

“I play ROBLOX a lot. I was living a really happy life. And I really didn’t want anything else,” Deesub said when asked why he chose this wish.

Deesub asked for the cash and the visit was an extra special treat. And to the teen, these guys were rock stars. After sitting in on a development meeting, he collected the business card from CEO David Baszucki, whom Deesub had sign his business card. This move started a larger collection. Deesub asked for the business card and autograph of all 25 employees. Those without cards readily available signed a piece of paper, many adding their in-world user name.

“I’d stay at this office all day long if I could,” Deesub said while reviewing his new business card collection.

Unless ROBLOX experienced a lot of inflation, Deesub thinks the money will last him a long time, which also means his dad won’t be asked to provide access to his credit card anytime soon.

I think this was great, and Telamon should be praised for the work he is doing, with both the Red Cross and make a wish. I salute you sir!