Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NEW ROBLOX Moderator: Briguy9876!

As many of you know, briguy9876 owns a blog called Briguy's Roblox, this is on the blogroll on the official developers blog. He has had a long relationship with the game and has communicated with the staff often. He now has an official job at ROBLOX HQ as a moderator.

So what does he moderate? Briguy moderates images and the ROBLOX forums. It is important that images are thoroughly checked for any inappropriate content, as many other users may see and use this image. It is also very important that the forums are moderated as what posted there, if not moderated will stay there forever, meaning anyone on ROBLOX can see it. So welcome Briguy as a mod, and congratulate him on getting the job!


  1. He already was a Volunteer mod, until the new laws set into effect in California when all the volunteers got fired, but now since he is 18 he can legally do it for free or money.


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