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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Exclusive TheGamer101 Swordfighting Minigames: Sneak Peek!

  • Hello RN Readers! Rob498 here, and I'm here today to give you an exclusive sneak peek into the TheGamer101's upcoming game, Swordfighting Minigames...

  • The game is being built by TheGamer101 and ColdEfficiency and as of now is about 40% completed. And at this moment there are about 10 minigames, TheGamer101 hopes to have about 15 minigames when it's released.

  • There are 10 swords and they are all around the same damage area, because if you do had someone with a Darkheart against someone with a normal sword it wouldn't be fair.

  • When released, TheGamer101 will add in badges, VIPs, and more minigames over time. There has be no official release date yet, but when released, it will be hopefully a great addition and hit to the front page.

  • As a Beta Tester and being lucky enough to test this game, and managed to record a minigame on it, take a look:



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