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Sunday, February 20, 2011

ROBLOX News Mini Contest: Patriotic Retextures

Here at ROBLOX News we are holding a user contest for ROBLOX users and for the website followers! The contest will be judged by me and other members of the sites staff. This contest is all about Presidents Day in the USA on monday. Make sure your entry has a Patriotic theme! Whether it be hat or gear it's up to you! There may be different sections for different types of entries. You can make whatever you want, let your imagination run wild!


So if you would like to enter, simply:

1) Create a retexture and upload as a model to ROBLOX.

2) Email the link to the retexture model to AND
(Titled 'Patriotic Entry') - make sure you leave your ROBLOX Username!

3) We will look at your entry and judge the winners!