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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

OBC, TBC, and BC Tags and New Camera Controls!

Roblox has released some new features this morning! First, BC Tags. I dont really like them, its just a little tag on the corner of you Avatar picture, where ever you go on the website to show if your OBC, TBC, or BC. I kinda find this feature pointless and sorta annoying, but whatever, you might like them. Anyways, there are new Camera Controls out! Im not actually sure if these are available on the regular site? I dont really play games anymore (other than Deception Infection :D), so I wouldnt really know. But there actually kinda cool, they give you a lot of new options on how to control your camera when your in-game. So, yeah. I hope you enjoy the new features!
Click here for a Camera Controls Video brought to you by gkku!