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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mac Interview

Ladies and Gentlebricks, Please Welcome the Owner of Orb Of Oculus, FLINGI2!

Hello Roblox News! This is flingi2 with my debut article on Roblox News about Roblox on "Mac".
The roblox program for mac is still in beta testing at Roblox Gametest
I have Interviewed Legoboy1134 and this is what
he had to say about Roblox on Mac.
"Somewhat glitchy, graphics are OK and a bit laggy. No Fullscreen yet. No gesture support for trackpads in browser"
"Games can be played only on gametest but can browse regular site".
If you wish to download Roblox Gametest Click Here



  1. @Chris I'd say the graphics are worse.

  2. It's a work in progress, when it's finished it'll be great

  3. question did the new shadow graphics come out on roblox yet?

  4. okay thanks I guess my graphic card is not that good...

  5. oh and thanks for accepting my friends request on roblox

  6. @Peter, You can manually turn on shadows on roblox

  7. well I have shadows but I was talking about the new graphics roblox made.

  8. The shadows sadly don't work for me D:

  9. How come my internet keeps going down on my mac while im playing, but when I'm not playing my internet is fine?


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