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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Interview With xzbobzx!

The past couple of days I've been interviewing xzbobzx! Here is the interview:

Q1. When did you join ROBLOX?
A1. 17 September 2008

Q2. How did you come up with your Username?
A2. I had a little lego figure called bob, which i dropped off stairs and stuff, but bob was already taken.
So somehow i came up with xzbobzx.

Q3. How did you discover ROBLOX?
A3. Through a youtube video about boom blox, on which shedletsky replyed 'Bet i can do the same on roblox?'.

Q4. What is your favorite ROBLOX hat?
A4. That would have to be 'Oh Noes', a sign made long ago which was shown on builderman while roblox was updating.

Q5. What is your Favorite ROBLOX game?
A5. Tiger370's Destruction derby, it inspired me to make cars, which eventually made me famous.

Q6. Some people say they liked "The Old Days" of ROBLOX better than present say, do you?
A6. "The Old Days", Well, maybe the community was better, but i like roblox the way it is now, and i will like whatever it will become.

Q7. Whats your favorite Roblox body?
A7. No body, i like a classic look.

Q8. Whats your favorite ROBLOX gear?
A8. I've got to say the pew pew gun, classic pownage at its best!

Q9. Are you involved in any ROBLOX Army Groups?
A9. Army groups? No, i disgust them.

Q10. Whats your biggest ROBLOX goal?
A10. Biggest goal, building the most awesome cars roblox has ever seen.

Q11. Whos your Favorite admin?
A11. John Shedletsky

Q12. Who is your best ROBLOX friend?
A12. Jaysteels, I've known him pretty much my whole roblox life.

Q13. If you could create a feature on ROBLOX, what would it be?
A13. Hmm, I think a terrain generator would be nice, and then not blocky but all smooth.

Q14. What motivates you to stay on ROBLOX?
A14. My cars.

Q15. Do you enjoy foruming? Why or Why not?
A15. I used to do it a lot, but now I'm too busy working on stuff.
It was fun while i did though.

Thanks xzbobzx for the Interview!