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Monday, January 17, 2011

Red Erikson's lament

This is a hat that came out at the weekend, it is a BC Limited U item. The original price of the hat was R$600, once it sold out it's price rised gradually and is now worth more than 3K so there was a lot of profit there. I don't think the prices will stop rising for a while so I suggest, if you have the money spot a lower price and buy it. Considering only 100 exist making it very rare it is a item with a lot of potential, it also looks pretty nice too.


  1. It's an awesome hat I'm not selling mine. Glad I got it for 600 Robux.

  2. Yah I'm not either unless the price rises a lot.

  3. Even if the prices go very high I probably won't sell mine.


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