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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hey Everyone!

Hey everyone i'm Diosus! I'd like to introduce myself today to everyone as the newest writer for Roblox News! I've been writing aroung for a good while about several games including Roblox on multiple sights such as Wordpress and Blogspot and I consider my self to be a bit of an experianced blogger/Writer.I'd like to thank Arbirator for accepting my request to help out around here and so i'll be around writing posts on this site for atleast a good while! Well thats pretty much it for now. Bye!


  1. First comment on my first post :3

  2. Well... well... well... I never thought that someone who keeps annoying me with Gondor is calling is doing pretty well on RN. The ministry is proud, just remember who hired j00.

  3. Nvm. You dont know what im talking about.Only dio will. As he is mah best mate.


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