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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Diosus's Guide to hat Retexturing

Ever wondered how those people make hats look different from their original form? Ever wanted to do it to? Well now you can! That proccess is known as rextexturing. It basically involves editing the image on the hat and then uploading that image. Its great fun and is a cool way to impress your friends and get some respect in the community. Wanna learn how? Just follow these simple steps i've written down for you and you'l be on your way!

1. A simple image editing program that can be any thing from as simple as Paint to an advanced program like Photoshop.

1. Enter one of your places and insert that hat you desire. You can pretty much find a decent copy of all hats laying around Free Models.
2. Next, open up properties of the mesh inside the hat and find the TextureID in the mesh.
and in your browser type with the numbers at the end of
the TextureID at the end of that.
3. You will see a image , copy that image into the image editer of your choice and edit it
In any way you want to.
4. Once your done, save the image as a .png format and upload it to roblox as a decal.
5.Put the decal on a brick in your place and copy the TextureID of the decal and then past it in the TextureID of the mesh (Remove the old one)
6. Your retexture is done injoy!