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Friday, December 19, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Hello, this post has been made just to ensure that everyone has a wonderful christmas. It has been very slow this year with Roblox News because of staff inactivity, I will be tackling this problem when 2015 arises. Thank you.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Giftsplosion 2014: The Percy Jackson of Christmas Events

Giftsplosion: the Timely Woe of Outdated, Useless Gifts

Hello readers, RayMan36 here with what we've all been waiting for: disappointment. Yes, I'm here to talk about the overly-impossible gift hunt, and maybe what would come out of these presents from the depths unknown, which all of you certainly bought.

DISCLAIMER: You have been juggling a broken teacup with a milkshake straw in your sock while dancing to the Canadian national anthem, all with your iron man costume in your baby pool on your 8th birthday party only if it was July 20th and it was a full moon. Otherwise, just pay me $40,000.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Place Review: TPS15

TPS 14_ImageRecently, I have been finding myself play a game - quite well known - 'TPS 15'. Good game, nice, fun; very competitive. I mean, it's fun: ROBLOX engines are the only problem.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Inactivity Problems

Hello Roblox News, recently you may have noticed a large dip within the amount of content produced at Roblox News; I am going to tell you why. I haven't had much time. That's the reason, I'm very busy with exams, and my interest in ROBLOX has gone down recently because I haven't been able to do much. I will start rebuilding ROBLOX News over the christmas period, be wary of posts that are soon to come. :D

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Top 4 Murder Games on ROBLOX


"So far, there's only 4 well-made murder games on ROBLOX"

Hello, my name is Darkie Roblox and today we're gonna list the top 4 murder games on ROBLOX. Let's start off on how murder games work.

How Murder Games Work 

The murder games has same purpose. Each of them are not exactly the same. I will not gonna say it all.

People will have random character name and outfit when they are on the round. Except from TT.

Innocents must survive the round. They must work each other to find out who's the murderer. They can call the sheriff for help if the murderer is already known.

Sheriff has a gun called "revolver". The sheriff must find out who and kill the murderer to win the round.

Murderer has a knife. The murderer must kill everyone and be stealthy to prevent not being caught by the innocents or they will call the sheriff for help.

(They are listed in descending order.)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Roblox: Game Studios.

Yes, I will make a game review. I just feel that this is an article I think people will like. Anyways, hello, my name is xLando and today I will 'tell' you about game studios, what they are, and how they work.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

ROBLOX Chat Exploit Patch

Recently on ROBLOX with the new Chat Update, ROBLOX added a patch to the chat. They have established a system looking for any type of coding such as a sentence starting with: function(), etc.
This can protect ROBLOX Users on day to day basis to protect them from any exploiters in their game, yet ROBLOX hasn't successfully patched Cheat Engine, hopefully ROBLOX Engineers and Administrators will find a solution to completely protect our servers and games we create. Therefor in conclusion we all know that ROBLOX is planning a solution.

Saturday, November 1, 2014



This is my final post, and it is to say goodbye!


ROBLOX Game Review: Goat Simulator

PLEASE NOTE: This is a ROBLOX version of the original game. If you are here for the real "Goat Simulator" which has all the information about the game, please click here.

Hello, my name is Darkie Roblox and i am a Game Journalist of RN. My ROBLOX user is lilsal5. You can add me if you want. Heard about the ROBLOX version of goat simulator? Here it is and we are now reviewing it!


Goat Simulator is a ROBLOX version of the original game and it's being developed by kenami. The game can be only played by paying 25 R$ due to the early development of the game. Like the real game, the player controls the goat which has the ability to stick objects to it's tongue by licking them, ram into objects and more! Rated 90% by most testers of the game, Goat Simulator is improving itself to make it's game fun to play. Made for fun like destroying stuff, making fun of NPCs and more.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Catalog Item Review - CotM: October Pumpkin Spice Chicken

Happy Halloween!

CoTM: October Pumpkin Spice Chicken

Price: 1,000R$
The price of this item seems fine giving that it is only onsale for Halloween & the last day of October. However, if you look at the Commentary, you will see numerous people complaining about the price. In my opinion, I think the price is just fine providing it increases by 100R$ each month as far as I know.
Category: Hat

Limited: No
This item was released as a non-limited. I think this will go limited next Halloween. The least ROBLOX can do is have this item make another appearance next Halloween if it doesn't go limited.

Looks: 5/10
If you're a CoTM chicken fan, this is the item for you! It can go well with other Halloween-themed items that ROBLOX has released.

Texture: 6/10

The texture is going to get a 6/10. I was expecting a black and orange color-scheme, but since it is Halloween, the chicken is resembling a pumpkin.

Mesh: 10/10

The mesh is a revamped version of Telamon's Chicken Suit and in my opinion looks better.

Overall: 7/10
I feel that the rating of 7/10 fits this item well. This item is not too bad.

Do I recommend this?: YES!
It is Halloween and it is the last day of October. You have less than 24 hours to get your hands on this item! This item was supposed to be released earlier in October, so you have limited time to get your hands on it before November. Since people will be busy trick-or-treating for Halloween and doing other things such as parties, I believe this won't have many sales. Go go go!

Item Description:

Everybody loves pumpkin spice. Why not chicken? October's Chicken of the Month.

The name of the hat and the description references Starbucks and the famous Pumpkin Spice flavor that companies are introducing all throughout this month.