Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Player Points - What Are They?

Hello everyone! CYNICALCHRIS here, and today I am going to bring you something new, at least, new for me. It's a site update, I guess. User DarkGenex posted a tweet saying "I got a player point!" then a link to his profile. As you can see, under his picture, there is something new! It's a star and says "Player Points" with a value next to it. What could this mean?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Egg Baskets: Part Two!

Right before the Egg Hunt was released, ROBLOX created another set of egg baskets; this set being more expensive than the previous set, which makes all of them risky purchases. Here are the predictions for the final three egg baskets.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Gear Review - Egg hunt 2014 Gears

With another year of eggs everywhere, we get the fair share of helping hands presented to us in the catalog, so today I will talk about the 2014 Egg Hunt gears, are they worth it? Or are they a waste of robux? Find out with me, IceFang, right now :)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Most Bought Gears of All Time

Hello guys, I know that I rarely do articles now. I have just been busy; pretty lame excuse I guess. Well anyhow, just going to do this article about the most popular gears of the different categories. I am only counting those gears with over 100,000 buys.

Friday, April 11, 2014

ROBLOX Egg Hunt 2014: Save the Eggverse ~ Guide

Egg Hunt 2014_Image

THE TIME HAS COME! The Egg Hunt is finally out! Aren't you guys so excited? Well if you decide to read this before you play, sorry, but your excitement will go away soon. The egg hunt is not great. What shall I start with? The Eggs? The Maps? The Gears? Anyways, if you need help finding a secret area in a map, or tips to find eggs, or if you're wondering whether or not to buy a gear, this is the article for you.

NOTE: I'm writing this as I play the game, so I'll slowly be adding guides for different egg, along with map descriptions.

Also, to search for a specific egg, use CTRL + F and then search the egg name.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Singity Singity Song Gears

Last week's gears and the gears before won't be mentioned here because I was busy and didn't get a chance to write articles for them, so I'll just be starting back off from this week.

Yes, I know. Nobody cares about these. Egg hunt is coming, all you want is egg hunt posts. Well, as arbirator holds a knife to my back, I am writing this to actually get back in the mood of, well, writing regular posts now that I've been away from the site doing stuff. This post is late because of the egg hunt and I've been busy with.. er, stuff.

So apparently the gears this week are using audio even though audio has been out for years and I don't see why it's just in use now for song gears, although It's apparently music weekend or some random thing like usual. 4 gears were released, none were limited which doesn't really surprise me. They all use songs and stuff and are actually pretty stupid. The gears include the Red Rock Star Guitar, Music Blaster, The Drop, and Sleepy Song Bird. Also, like the past few weeks, these gears were created by scripter, Luckymaxer.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Egg Baskets: The New Halloween Gifts?

In the days approaching up to ROBLOX Egg Hunt 2014, some new egg basket gears have been released. Though, these are not just regular egg baskets like in previous years where the basket would give you some sort of in game benefit. These baskets are more like the Halloween gifts released every October; they're gifts in the sense that each one will give you an unknown item, but like Halloween gifts you must BUY every one. Now while I'm not too pleased that now there are three types of gifts, these new gifts/baskets are all like previous gifts and can be predicted as to what's in each one. Without further ado, here are the predictions for the previous four baskets. (note that theories have arisen that the baskets might not be like gifts and that they could just be powerup items for the egg hunt, for now we'll assume they are gifts until something happens with one of them)

Cool Egg Basket of Spring
Cool Egg Basket of Spring

Monday, April 7, 2014

Admin Week

Go admins!

Hello readers, RayMan36 here with the biggest pun-fest on roblox. I'm talking about the Admin weekend items.
You might ask, why am I so late on this? The reason is because Roblox just finished it up with an item from this musical themed weekend. (I might write a post on that later).
I'll be ordering these by worst to best items.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

ROBLOX Egghunt 2014: What to expect II

Alrighty, now that April Fools and me being inactive and stuff is over, it's time to get into some more serious business. A few weeks ago, I posted this article going over some Egg Hunt related things. That was a few weeks ago. NOW, there are leaks. Yes, leaks. Leaks are things found when users use scripts to find meshes/textures of items that ROBLOX uploads, there's tons of them that are Egg Hunt related. Of course, I won't spoil too much on here, because some people like to be surprised.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rival Egg Hunts: The Three Hunts of ROBLOXia

Hello everyone! CYNICALCHRIS here, and today, I thought I would write a little post about the upcoming Egg Hunts for 2014. These include my personal Egg Hunt, the official Roblox News egg hunt, and the Official ROBLOX Egg Hunt! Let's begin!