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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Changes for the Worst - Weekly Group Article

Hello guys, here is the first of a Weekly Article Topic. This article topic is based around groups that have not advanced like you would expect, but have instead deteriorated dramatically, leaders that have become corrupt, or high ranks that go bad. This week, the group is The Federal States of America (FSA) and the main topic is their leader.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Site Theme Overview!

Hello readers, RayMan36 here with the reason I'm a god among men. I'm talking about the brand spankin' new Roblox site theme, which only 20% of the community has. There is a screenshot below:

I'm kidding.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Place review: Prison Life v.03

Hello readers, xLando here reviewing a game, not ready for the front page.

Warning: I will be entering biased against this game, it does have some pros, such as having a mediocre map, and decent graphics.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Interview with Summer Games Winners, Part 3

ROBLOX Hiking_Image
Welcome to the third article in our five-part series where we interview top players from each of the ROBLOX Summer Games. In this particular interview I caught up with OneWithEvil, a top daily player at ROBLOX Hiking and we discussed his feelings on the event and tips for users attempting to get the much-valued Player Points. He had a daily score of 3,987 Player Points and held first place for daily score on Thursday. Check out his responses to the questions below. 

Place Review: Paintball 2

Paintball 2! Closed Testing_ImagePaintball 2 is a brilliant game to showcase during the Summer Games, with hardly any faults I can think of. It is a fantastic specimen of a great first-person shooter. It is one of the three Summer Games I enjoy playing; and it's definitely one of my favourites.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Roblox News: Summer Interns 2014

It's that time of year again; Summer! For the past three years Roblox News has run a successful internship programme. We select a handful of promising applicants and introducing them to the world of gaming journalism. Last year we had a fantastic batch of fresh writers - some of which stayed on at Roblox News to perform full-time roles on the blog. Roles include site journalism, game journalism, and catalog analysis! The scheme has harbored some great accomplishments for Roblox News, and through this method of recruitment we are able to better develop the skills of future employees and better tailor them to our blog than we would through a simple recruitment process. 

How do they work?

Each intern will be assigned to a specific member of staff called a 'mentor' to 'shadow' them. They will observe the staff member's role on the blog; learning about the articles they publish and how they can produce articles of the same high quality. From the staff member, the intern will learn job specific skills. The intern will be focussed on one section of RN's site, whereas a staff member may be performing several different roles at the same time. This gives the intern the ability to study their area closely and develop experience relevant to it. It will be the mentor's responsibility to private message their shadowing intern after each one of their posts with four positives points and one target to improvement in the next. This is important so the intern can build on their skills, but mentors can also practice responsibility and leadership skills through the programme.

How do you apply? *Deadline 12:00am PST Saturday 2nd August*

This year we are running the exact same programme (with the exception of the mentor's new duty) and will hopefully be accepting even more interns! Anyone who wishes to take on an internship here at Roblox News must send an application via private message to arbirator on ROBLOX. Applicants should have fairly good experience and knowledge of the ROBLOX site, including the games, catalog and forum sections, and should have competent English skills.

The application should include:

  • Your favourite aspect of the ROBLX site
  • Your ambition on ROBLOX
  • Why you want to become a summer intern at RN
  • Which staff member you wish to shadow and why
  • A sample article of your choice - anything to do with ROBLOX. Place reviews and item reviews are often a favourite among applicants, but you could try something more adventurous! 
  • What new type of article you would like to see on RN, and why. 

Internships are a great way of helping people deepen their knowledge as well as giving them experience with other staff members and developing social skills. RN interns are likely be asked to stay on as full time staff after the programme finishes.

Thanks, and good luck!

Editor of Roblox News 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Look of The Week: Dress Up as an Animal

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't had a Look of The Week in a while, but I have been thinking about what to do with it next. So here is my idea:

The First Themed Look of The Week event! This is where I have to give you a theme, and if the person wins, they will get a small reward! The theme is: 'Dress as an animal of your choice!'

You can only enter ONCE, so give it your best shot!

I will be awarding first place on one of my games (I will tell you the name when it's finished)
There will be no second and third place, sorry!

The winner will receive a small prize of 100 Robux.

There has to be a minimum of 4 participants for this competition to work. I am going to give you a week to enter, so good luck!


P.S. If you have won before, or entered before, you can still enter again! 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Introducing Arbirator's ROBLOX Merchandise Shop!

Many of you are probably aware that I acquired a large amount of ROBLOX merchandise from the London BLOXcon 2013, courtesy of Becky Lee H (username: ReeseMcBlox) whom I am very thankful to. I have been allowed by the ROBLOX team to sell the majority of this stock and therefore I will be adding the fedoras, t-shirts and the luxurious hoodies to my online Ebay shop.

I have set up the items on Ebay for UK users to buy (and possibly EU and US customers once I have worked out the postage and packing costs). At this current point in time I have one item available, the official ROBLOX Fedora; you cannot buy this item anywhere else at the moment (ROBLOX have taken down their online shop after the 2013 BLOXcon and they are very rarely seen on Ebay and similar websites). The list below details the current items on sale with: prices, descriptions and all the postage and delivery information. The fedoras have been listed on my Ebay account with the t-shirt and hoodies soon to follow!

Clicking on the title item will take you to its Ebay page where you can purchase it from!

Items on sale 

Official ROBLOX Fedora (BLOXcon Merchandise 2013) -Beechfield black-

Price: £9.99

Genuine ROBLOX Fedora from the London BLOXcon 2013. Official merchandise sold at the event. 

One size fits all. (The white band is just for packaging purposes and is not part of the hat). 80% polyester, 20% cotton. 

Official ROBLOX World Tour T-Shirt (BLOXcon Merchandise 2013) -Fruit of the Loom-

Price: TBA

Genuine ROBLOX T-Shirt from the London BLOXcon 2013. Official merchandise sold at the event. T-shirt features ROBLOX World Tour 2013 and Maker Fair design.

Official ROBLOX Hoody (BLOXcon Merchandise 2013) -Fruit of the Loom-

Price: TBA

Genuine ROBLOX Hoodie from the London BLOXcon 2013. Official merchandise sold at the event. Hoodie features large ROBLOX plain logo. 

If you have any enquiries about these items, please do not hesitate to contact me! You can send a private message to Arbirator on ROBLOX, tweet @arbirator on Twitter or ask a question about the item directly through Ebay's system. Feel free to leave comments and questions also in the DISQUS section below this blogpost! 

Editor of Roblox News 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Letter from Darwin12

My name is Noah.

I figured this would be an interesting experience, something to return to. After I quit ROBLOX News a few months ago because of a variety of reasons, mostly attributed to having a personal loss of interest in ROBLOX, I kept moving on. Recently, I've been producing the last of my work on ROBLOX and cancelling my BC. It seems this is the sort of thing that I've always wanted to do: I wanted to access five years on ROBLOX in one post and get back to you on the overall influence ROBLOX had on me.

For some background: five years ago on the day of November 1, 2009, I wrote myself a personal letter for the future declaring that I would become a different person and decide who I was as an individual. At the mere age of nine, I wrote this letter and addressed specifically what I wanted to do then.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sale Review: Swingin' Hats!

Hello, readers, RayMan36 here with a reason to start swingin'. I'm talking about the series of hats that were released over Saturday and Sunday- pre-war swag. I myself am a huge fan of pre-war culture, so let's start Stompin' at the Savoy! Remember, these items will be from worst to best.

All Hail to the King of Swing!